I visited this installation today while shooting for the new online shop. Big Bend 1 & Brooks Sunset from my #farwesttexasseries look so dynamic printed as 40×40s and stacked on top of each other. Love it! #ashleygarmonjournal #ashleygarmonholga

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I think we would all like a cheering section: Everyone behind you saying “Yes! You’re fantastic! Good job!” Wouldn’t that be a lovely way to live life? But most of the time you have to walk that line all by yourself. And you will be glorious, stand tall and triumph. OR you might stumble and flounder. But you will recover. This journey is yours alone. You WILL triumph. All by yourself, you will recover and rise above. It’s up to you. And only you. #ashleygarmonjournal #holga #venice #sunrise

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Don’t forget that upon request, I can bring holga cameras to shoot your wedding! @alyson_fox reminded me of this today when she sent me a few from her wedding we shot a few years ago. She’s the first (and only) person who wanted me to shoot “a lot of holga,” and gave me total creative freedom. It was a blast. Thanks Alyson! #ashleygarmonjournal #ashleygarmonweddings #ashleygarmonphoto

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Replenishing all of the 10×10s from The Far West Texas Series that have sold out at Spartan in Austin, TX. The show is up for a few more months. So go check it out in its large format while you can! Changes are coming…..#farwesttexasseries @spartanshop #ashleygarmonjournal

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Loving this moment before the ceremony with the Bride and her Maid of Honor laughing out loud. Wedding days can be so stressful. It’s good to surround yourself with friends who will provide levity! #wedding #weddingwednesday #ashleygarmonjournal

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There are few things lovelier than a classic wedding portrait with a gorgeous grove of trees. Throw in a beautiful white German Shepherd and it’s even better! #ashleygarmonjournal #familyphoto

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Choose love today. #ashleygarmonjournal #nixontheroberts

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Read more.. Friday, July 15th, 2016

In today’s version of where I’d rather be than sweating in Austin, Texas: LONDON. I captured this image a few years ago with the Holga camera. It was chilly and it was June. I know the grass is always greener, right? But man oh man, what I wouldn’t give for a nice cool breeze. #holga #london #ashleygarmonjournal #film #kodak #filmisnotdead

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Two photographs from the Far West Texas Series nestled between velvet curtains, a bust, tambourines and an antique piano is something I can definitely be happy about. Thanks for loving them too @sawyerstoltz & @pwaites! #farwesttexasseries #ashleygarmonjournal

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Read more.. Tuesday, June 28th, 2016

HAPPY WORLD OCEANS DAY! Although we should all celebrate them everyday. This is the Pacific at sunrise and is part of the latest installment of the #7amseries, available for purchase in July. It’s called Robin’s Sunrise. #worldoceansday #sunrise #ashleygarmonjournal

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