In case you were looking for something a little different…

When talking to clients about their weddings, I often hear: “we just want something different.” While all the weddings are beautiful, I have to admit, I’m rarely stopped in my tracks by anything. Especially at a rehearsal dinner. Or any event, for that matter. Well, giant balloon animals that are the size of cars and hanging from the ceiling did the trick. It took the artist 10 days to make and install these creatures. It was truly unbelivable. Unusual, yes. But definitely a show stopper. I’ll post the artist full name when I can track it down. I know his name was Jason and he’s out of New York. I tried to google “balloon animal art” but it didn’t come up with anything helpful. So, I’m still working on that info. You know, in case you need giant car sized balloon creatures for your next party!

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Someone DID NOT want their picture taken today…

Her name is Ellie…and she was having nothing to do with me. I respect her for that. I do love her expressions. They’re priceless!

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Lee & Zack – PART THREE

Following the reception, Lee & Zack went to their after party – Club Lee Lee. This consisted of a costume change and yet another pair of drop dead freakishly good shoes. They turned the bottom of The Argyle into a night club with a DJ, midnight snacks, feather boas everywhere, a surprise attack of Mexican wrestlers (OK, guests dressed as) and revelers dancing into the wee hours. Needless to say, everyone had a very VERY good time.

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Lee & Zack – PART TWO

This is Part Two. It only highlights the reception details and some of my favorites of the Lee and Zack. I would have put more fun photos of the guests but this post was too photo heavy already. I have to thank David Kurio and Dee Ann Wilson for creating such amazing things for us to photograph. The flowers, design and lighting was nothing short of incredible. Love it all! By the way, if you are reading this, please post your comments here instead of emailing me – thanks!

Up next: Club Lee Lee. Stay tuned….

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Lee & Zack – PART ONE

I’ve decide to break this wedding up into more than one post. There are just too many fun photos to share. So this is Part One, a modest sampling of some of my immediate favorites through the ceremony. The other posts will be the reception, the after party, and the rehearsal dinner. I’m not sure which part of this wedding was visually my favorite. It’s a really tough call. But enough chit chat – enjoy the snaps.

A BIG thank you to Kim Maguire (for travelling to San Antonio with me & second shooting like the pro she is) and to Aaron Sellers for his invaluable assisting on this particular wedding. It was like going to the carnival all day and night. But in a very, very good way….

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