You know, we all try during the holidays. We try try try. Try to be patient and super excited about Christmas. Try to get the perfect Christmas gift. Try not kill the unexpectedly nutso drivers on the roads. Try not to mind that your house looks like the back of a UPS store or that you are now on a first name basis with the UPS woman (her name is Bonnie). So much so that she apologizes for banging loudly on the front door because she “knows the doorbell doesn’t work.” She also knows the names of my dogs.

But, I digress. We all try to be a better son or daughter, stand up tall, embrace others and all that. But it’s hard. Especially during the holidays.

Some of us even try to get the perfect photograph for the perfect Christmas card. But that can be incredibly challenging. Again, especially during the holidays for the before mentioned reasons:

Don’t we all want to drink some hot chocolate and just chill out?? YES. Yes, we do.

Well, good luck with that! And, Merry Christmas afterall.

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Point Reyes & Bolinas, California

I visited my cousins Dee Dee & Zoe in Berkeley last week. Dee Dee drove me up to Point Reyes so that we could eat at The Pine Cone Diner which was delicious and had this great wall covered in vintage plates…

Dee Dee wasn’t feeling too well. But she rallied after we had ordered our second plate of hashbrowns! That “second helping of potatoes” thing apparenty runs in the family…

After wandering around Point Reyes, we drove over to Bolinas which is a sleepy yet gorgeous beach town.

Then Cosmo got his shake on…

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Mercy’s first official photo shoot

Oh Mercy.

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Keeping Austin Weirder

Okay, not to be outdone. We ran into THIS GUY when we were out last week. Yes, that’s a tattoo of the Batman symbol on his chest that he so proudly displays upon meeting the ladies. What a charmer.

Here’s how the ladies react to his powers….


I’m off to Berkeley, CA in a couple of hours. Chances are that I’ll see something weird there worth posting. I’ll let you know!

Happy Days,

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Keep Austin Weird

I ran into this guy at a wedding who had covered himself in tattoos. This is by no means unusual in Austin. The only time you even notice a tattoo these days is if someone has actually tattooed their face. Which is always startling. But the different thing about this guy is that all of his tattoos were ironic. My favorite was the unicorn with the words “badass” underneath it. My least favorite was a man clubbing a baby seal. Which wasn’t funny at all – but noteworthy just the same. Why would anyone tattoo THAT on their body? I have no idea. But most of them were clever. Anyway, here’s a few pics of m favorites.

Hope you are having a good day!

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Logan’s First Photo Shoot

This is Becky and Logan King. I shot Becky & Rusty’s wedding a several years ago and their daughter Lindsay is one of the AGP kids on my website. This is their latest addition, Logan. He was super cooperative and only peed on the backdrop once during the photo shoot. Well done, Logan!!

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Sarah and James – November 10, 2007

Emily and I shot this wedding back in early November. Sarah and James were truly a lot of fun and obviously enjoying themselves and their wedding day. The rest of this wedding will be available tomorrow for viewing. But here’s a sneak peek.

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Where have I been?

Working working working. I haven’t posted in awhile because we’ve been slammed with portraits and weddings. I promise to post everyday (OK, almost everyday) this week. We’ll see how that goes. But here’s some of my favorite kiddos I’ve shot lately.

Hope you are all enjoying your holiday season!

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