Camp Bennet is Dead.

I’ve started to write this post several times but I didn’t know where to start. For those of you who know me well, you know that my house is affectionately known as Camp Bennett. This is because I have a back house that for the past 6 years been occupied by one friend or another. This resulted in a common area between the houses that was frequently used for witching hour parties, after work relaxing, celebrating, a gathering of our four legged friends and lots of debating. More than once, we have made up excuses to celebrate at Camp Bennet. A common reason was to celebrate the first blooms on “the big tree,” or the fact that we just had all the trees trimmed making Camp Bennett seem larger and even more inviting than usual. Of course, “Ashley got a new pair of shoes,” was yet another often used (and important) reason to have a gathering of friends in the backyard. It has been the site of genius dreams that we have watched unfold (Kickpleat, Homegirls, “I think I’m going back to school,” and “I’m moving to Cypress/Scotland/Azerbijian….” depending on the person) as well as devastating heartbreaks and losses. Needless to say it has meant a lot to me and I thank you all for living here and/or gathering here.

The back house is being turned into my studio. There are no longer tenants. There is currently a crew of ten men working here everyday to transform the main house and backyard into something that a homeowner would be proud of – finally. IT’s going to be better than ever. So I’ll be posting photos of the changes being made. I apologize in advance if you find this boring.

Camp Bennett is Dead.

Long live Rancho Garmondo.

Apparently the south wall of the back of the house had no insulation. You can see it in the above photo. This explains so much….

It’s creating quite a mess.

That’s it for now.

Stay tuned…

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Shameless Self Promotion

Check it out: Tribeza Article

Thanks for the photos Bryan!

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Why does this make me sad?

Polaroid has announced that they will no longer be making instant cameras and film.

I guess we’re not going to “shake it” anymore.

Although that never really helped anyway.



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Ryan Cabrera Hair Off

Just for fun and keeping with my prior post, I give you Belfast’s version of Ryan Cabrera hair. I ran into this guy in a lobby bar. He was all dressed up for a wedding and sporting his best Ryan Cabrera hair. I took his picture for that very reason but never really thought there would be any use for it. I wonder if he has a super tuff tattoo on his forearm too, just like Ryan.

This message is brought to you by Tigi hair products. Click here learn how to achieve this super bitchin’ look: hardcore hair
It takes three separate hair products and six loving steps.

OK, I’m letting this go now.

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The good news is that the SXSW line up has been announced: 2008SXSW FOr me this will be another week of indie music galore and only half memories. The bad news is that RYAN CARBRERA appears to be only the list.


Please someone out there tell me that this is nothing more than an scheme to fool us all. Or perhaps it’s a band called Ryan Cabrera that makes fun of Ryan Cabrera. A man of little talent that I only known because of his really awful hair and his romantic link to Ashlee Simpson (who is only known because of her sister, international embarrassment on SNL and a really obviously *yet still denied* nose job. Besides, she spells her name with two E’s. It’s Ashley, people.

But I digress, this isn’t about her. How did this happen? Who is in charge here? I’m so confused. Pleae tell me it’s irony. If it’s true, it’s all just plain hateful.

Speaking of hateful….my car was broken into last night outside The Mohawk.


Ryan Cabrera at SXSW = hateful!


Have a good weekend,

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These are images from 2007 that were either random, are works in progress or just haven’t found a home yet…

Campaign for Dirty Gardener,, this is a work in progress. I’m flying out to California this month to continue working on it. Stay tuned.

Declan and Mia on the beach – Carnlough, Northern Ireland

Newmill Farm – Lanark, Scotland

Festival – Carnlough, Northern Ireland

Pedicab race from Starlite to The Mohawk – Austin, Texas

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