John Moore named Photojournalist of the Year

John Moore graduated from UT. He was kind of like a legend when I was in college & shot for The Daily Texan. We sort of worshipped him. He was out of school by the time I arrived but we would pull his images off the AP wire for international stories. You know, it was one of those “he used to work here too” things that you take a strange kind of pride in.

He has most recently been in the news for his coverage of the assassination of Pakastini political leader Benazir Bhutto which also left 20 people dead:

His portfolio is thought provoking to say the least. The image below is of a woman visting the grave of her fiance who was killed in Iraq. The accompanying article is heartbreaking:

Getty Blog

Oh yeah, and he won a Pulitzer Prize in 2005. He’s no slouch, is he?

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Listen To This

Little Radio

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The Truth About Spanx.

Here’s April rocking her Spanx before she put her wedding dress on.

Every good bride knows that it’s all about the
Let me rephrase that: every good girl know this. What are Spanx, you ask? Well, you’d have to be male to be asking this question unless you are a girl and have been living under a rock. They’re power panties and they are very important. We’re all wearing them. If you are wearing anything form fitting or slinky and you’re not wearing Spanx, well you should. Trust me.

Sorry guys.

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I’m All Out of Love

I LOVE it when guests get tipsy at a wedding and then serenade me with a song!! Love it love it love it. OK, I totally started it (of course) and they’re friends of mine, but look at the passion in their faces! I think they really mean it.

They’re sining “I’m All Out of Love” by Air Supply. Surprisingly, they knew all the words.

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A few words about Skyrocket.

I don’t know how you might feel about wedding bands. But whatever that may be, you would have to rethink everything once you saw Skyrocket
play a wedding reception. This is truly a fantastic collaboration of very talented individuals. The energy they bring to an event is unlike anything I’ve ever seen – and as you know, I’ve seen more than my fair share of weddings. Beverly and I recently shot a wedding that they played and got these fun fun shots.

You’d just have to see it to believe it. But they never EVER disappoint.

I heart them.

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Home Improvement.

OK, here it is: the finished product of the hard work that has been going on at my house for the past month. First of all, if you live in the Austin area and need a contractor, I cannot say enough good things about Alan Holt Residential. I was very wary of starting this process because I had heard nothing but negative things about contractors, the ordeal of home renovation, basically everything involved. Alan proved to be the most honest of contractors. He is extremely detail oriented and he finished each phase of the project faster that I would have ever thought possible.

So, the pictures are of the back of the house. What isn’t pictured is that they raised the ceiling on the inside of the house and replaced all 15 windows. All that is left is finishing the trim on the house and replacing the front door. That should be completed in the next week or so. I obviously need to start on the landscape.

We’re getting close to finishing out the rest of the studio. But that project was stalled when I was kicked out of the house for awhile. I’ll post those pictures

Thanks to everyone who let me unexpectedly crash at their house when mine became unlivable, to those who let me do my laundry at your house, to Blair for letting me know about the Hilton Fitness Club’s showers (yessss!!!!), all the kind words of encouragement and once again to Alan for making it all happen.

Alan Holt 512-656-5449

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I shot these pictures my first evening in Venice Beach. The sunset was ridiculous! I didn’t do anything to enhance the color of these photos. It was that vibrant without any manipulation. I took these with my Canon 850 Power Shot, so the quality isn’t great & they’re a bit noisy. But you get the idea.

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Notes on a plane.

What do I on a plane when I’m flying to California: drink bad American Airlines tea, make notes about upcoming photo shoot in Venice Beach, listen to the Black Angels. Not that anyone cares. I’m happy to be out of the construction site that is my home and in warm sunny California for a couple of days.

Listen to this: Black Angels

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Morning light on the dirty mess.

I shot this lovely morning light today. The haze is from the house siding they were trimming. Too bad the background is all the junk and construction in my backyard. Oh well….

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GRIZZLY BAR (if you’re going to be a bar, be a grizzly)

Cambria Harkey and I will be guest bartending at The Mohawk during happy hour on Wednesday, March 5th. Please join us for super cheap drink specials and good times. Although was can take a decent photos, who knows how well we will tend bar? I’m going to go ahead and guess that the drinks might be on the strong side.

Don’t miss it!!

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