Just because it’s pretty.

Have a good Monday,

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Meet me at Apple.

Just a reminder that I’ll be at the Apple Store at The Domain today at 3pm. Come check out the wonderful world of Aperture 2.0

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This one’s for Kari.

I received a text message from my client Kari late last night inquiring why she wasn’t on my blog. This text had a smiley face on the end of it so I knew she was kidding but might secretly want a photo posted on the blog. I also knew that she was in the middle of her bachelorette party drinking champagne and eating sushi at Uchi. Well, the fact that she was thinking about my blog during her bachelorette party tickled me. So, here you go Kari! I hope you ladies behaved last night and that you are feeling OK today…:)

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This guy sat in front of my on a flight back from LA. I decided that he was an artist or maybe a musician and he wrote furiously in his moleskin through the duration of the trip. He seemed to be a thoughtful guy. At least he looks thoughtful enough in this photo. What you cannot ever understand is how much this guy stank on the plane. I’m talking bonafide funk monster. As people walked down the aisle of the plane, you could see the horror and confusion in their eyes as they hurried past. It was difficult to sit behind him for 3 hours but I managed to amuse myself. Perhaps he’d been extensively travelling? But he looks kind of cute on the photo. Then I remember the funk.

Columbus Ave Bridge after work in Chicago.

This young lady, a ticket agent for American Airlines, was celebrating her birthday with a very fancy updo AND a tiara on her head while at work. I gave her a high five.

OK, these two were totally breaking up. Or I should say, she was breaking up with him. He seemed to be making his arguement to stay together (or trying to explain some indiscretion) but she was having none of it. I couldn’t actually hear what they were saying because I was sitting inside. But it was an interesting pantomime to watch.

Bold pink haired girl in Belfast. But “Punk Rock Rehab” in hot pink metallic? Really? She appears to have a pink purse too. Pink was her thing.

Passed out in Chicago O’Hare.

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My Bride Can Kick Your Bride’s Ass.

And I am not even kidding.

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Happy Earth Day, people!

OK, I don’t want to brag but I was the head of the Earth Day committee in high school. I started the recycling program. This was in 1991 in San Antonio, Texas, so it felt like a big deal. I was also 16, so everything felt like a big deal. Anyway, for Earth Day this year I will be getting on a giant plane and flying back to Austin from Chicago. This does nothing for my carbon footprint. In fact it will take 881 lbs of CO2.
After realizing this I went to terrapass.com and bought a carbon offset. I feel better about it already.

What are you going to do in honor of Earth Day?

Click here for ideas and inspiration: The Nature Conservancy

By the way, the photos are from Venice Beach not Chicago. Flowers are always blooming in Venice Beach…

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I’m in Chicago

Hello everyone. I’m in Chicago visiting some friends and enjoying some pretty perfect weather. The photos were taken on the rooftop deck of my friends Nick and Kelly’s apartment. It has a stunning view of downtown. We marveled several times that we cannot believe that Nick owns an apartment with such a rad view.

By the way, the picture isn’t of Nick and Kelly. It’s of Nick and Steve. They’re not together. Nick’s married to Kelly. Kelly is a girl – both of these boys are straight. Seriously.

Man love 2008.

See y’all back in Austin!
P.S. Photos taken with iphone.

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Ashley Speaks at the Apple Store.

OK, I swear this is not a joke. I will be speaking at The Apple Store at The Domain on April 27th at 3pm. In addition to sharing my work, I will be discussing how using
Aperture makes my work flow so much easier and faster. If you are interested in learning more about Aperture, come by and have a chat. If you are interested in seeing more of my work, well, I guess just keep reading this blog. It’s going to be here anyway.

Apple Events

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Hot Window Light

Happy Tuesday,

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Read more.. Tuesday, April 8th, 2008

April & Darin – Phase 3

There was a couch upstairs that was the site of some rather naughty behavior:

I’m torn, but this might be my very favorite shot of the evening. Courtesy of the lovely Emily Joyce, my second shooter. It’s just perfectly pretty.

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