Bring me your babies….

There are a ton of kiddos being photographed right now. If you’d like to set up an appointment, please email me: I’m hardly ever in the office right now and this is the best way to reach me.

Here’s Molly Frost. She’s cute as a button. Of course I particularly enjoy the last photograph. She’s seems to be a natural.

Have a good weekend!

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Holga – Rhea Moran

Rhea came for a visit to Austin to entertain us all with her charms. She brought along her Dad (my friend, Sean) all the way from The Republic of Georgia and proceeded to make us laugh and laugh. She also fell deeply in love with queso and chips – really, who isn’t? I gave her the monkey she’s holding which led to her telling me that she loved me “this much.” A wing span of love is always my goal with children. I’ll pretty much give them whatever they want in order to receive the full arms spread open “I love you this much” demonstration of love. I have no shame.

Anyay, here she is – clever and beautiful.

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File this under “Inspiration.”

Hello everyone. My friend Danny Fraser sent me this link about a man who took a polaroid everyday for 18 years until the day he died. There are over 6000 images. The entire concept and dedication to such a project is inspirational as well as overwhelming.

Click here to check it out: mentalfloss

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Ethan is here!!

Welcome Ethan Charles Roberts. These pictures were taken when he was only 2 days old. I know it sounds like I’m gushing (because I am) but isn’t he precious?

Congratulations, Lisa and Doug!

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No Barking!

We were really just playing with this pup rather than discipling him. You can tell because he’s grinning.

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First Look

These days, many couples are seeing each other before the wedding ceremony. This is a really great idea for those of you out there getting married. It makes everything less stressful.

Here’s Kari and David seeing each other for the first time last week. We shot their wedding in Houston, Texas. More photos from their wedding will be posted laer this week.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend!

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Holga – Berkeley

Walking somewhere in Berkeley, CA we saw a ton of really interesting art made by the homeless that live in the area (wherever we were).

We also happened upon this skateboarder who didn’t want me to take his picture because “of the internet and stuff.” But he let me take it anyway….and I put it on the internet.

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The bride is hot.

Fan the bride, fan the bride, fan the bride, fan the bride, fan the bride, fan the bride, fan the bride, fan the bride…..

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Send me your “sleeping in public” photos!

My friend Nick (of Nick and Steve from Chicago) sent me this photo of another guy sleeping in public. I’m completely digging his white jeans AND white boots. Wow. You know this guy has been in these clothes all night and is passed out in what appears to be a public lounge of some kind. I encourage you all to send me “sleeping in public” photos too. As I’m writing, I’m feeling that this maybe a contest and there might be a prize for the winner.

Nick is the one on the left:

…and yes, again, these guys are straight.

But I digress.

Email me your SIP photos and I’ll post them: Maybe you’ll win. But then we’re all winners, aren’t we? Unless you’re caught sleeping in public and your photo ends up on photosmashing, then you’re kind of a loser. And there is an entirely different prize for that.

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Do not try this at home.

Okay, there was a bit of a dance off going on at the wedding reception last night. I’m almost certain that this was intended to be a head spin. But it didn’t quite work out. He had them momentum, for sure. Just no spin. What you can’t really see in the photo is that he’s actually moving backwards. He went quite a ways (literally on his head) before falling on his back. That probably hurts today.

That’s all.

I hope you are enjoying your Sunday,

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