A handful of wedding portraits

I know that I’ve complained A LOT about the heat this summer. But these photos demonstrate why shooting outside during the summer in Texas is still worth it. It’s just real pretty y’all. We shot Charity and Danny’s wedding at the Wildflower Center in on June 14th. There are a ton of great details from this wedding to that will show up on the blog later this week.

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Sleeping in Public 2

A few people have actually sent in photos of people publicly catching Z’s. Katee Faust actually sent in a photo of herself sleeping, passed out rather, on the train in France. I’ve also received several emails of people saying that they have photos – so email them to me already!

Keith Gaddis, Keith’s Flickr Account, sent in a shot of someone sleeping on the street during SXSW. There must be more of these floating around…

Kim Maguire sent in this one:

Here’s Katee after too much wine in Paris:

My old assistant Sarah (OK, I don’t mean OLD, I mean she doesn’t work for me anymore – don’t have a cow, Sarah) shot these photos on her honeymoon. How boss is that? Actually her husband shot the one on the bottom – that’s actually her sitting in front of the sleeping fellow. She’s totally snickering and feigning embarrassment!! GOod job, Sarah!

OK, send in some more.

I have to say that the shots of people with their mouth open are the best. Don’t you think?

P.S. There are a couple of slang words that I’m obviously trying to bring back. One of them is “boss.” Another is the phrase “don’t have a cow.” That’s waaay under used these days.

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Here come the wedding photos…

It’s been 18 days since my last post. Pretty much the entire month of June was a wash. This is a little embarrassing but in my defense, we’ve shot 3 weddings, 6 portraits and traveled to Venice Beach to work too. So, I’ve been a little busy. I’m playing catch up, so here you go….this wedding was on May 24th and it was fantastic. The bride and groom had 20 kids and 3 dogs in their wedding party! That’s it – just kids and dogs. All of them were surprisingly well behaved! It was impressive. I’m posting more photos than normal because I just couldn’t narrow it down. Some of these kids will appear later in a post dedicated entirely to youngsters at weddings.

I hope your summer is going well. It’s hot hot hot here.

Have a good weekend!

OK, so here are 3 of the 8 flowers girls. Upon being asked to “strike a pose,” they immediately went into these poses. All pretty expected except, I was rather startled to see the perfectly perfected Lindsay Lohan peace sign pose that the little girl on the left is doing. Pay close attention to the dropped hip, angling of the legs, tilted head, the position of the peace sign is even the same. You can tell that the little girl on the right has also seen Lindsay do the pose. She knows that she’s supposed to be flashing the peace sign & there’s something about her legs she’s supposed to be doing – but it’s not quite coming together. Then there’s the girl in the middle whose parents obviously don’t let her watch E! Entertainment Television. Good for her! Don’t be part of the flock! Rise above. Of course, I totally read Perez Hilton everyday. So, who am I to judge these little cuties?

Anyhoodle…back to the wedding photos:

Congratulations Heather and Griffin!

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A most unhappy ballerina on the beach.

There was a perfect tutu, a skateboard, a bright sunny day, a crowded beach and a grumpy pants ballerina. We bribed her with ice cream which worked, except that she wouldn’t smile. Really, I can’t blame her. She’s eight. She wanted to play with barbies. Or, I don’t know, swim. Come to think of it, we should have bribed her into the ocean after the beach shots. Oh well, next time!

It’s Thursday afternoon and it’s a zillion degrees in Austin, Texas. Ugh.

Have a good one,

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Ladies and Gentlemen…Carver Jensen.

Carver Jensen of Venice Beach, California. He enjoys long walks on the beach, surfing (well, not yet, but he likes to practice his stance that he learned from Mom & Dad – see photo below), playing in the sand and swinging. Oh yeah, and toys, of course. This little guy is full of joy and a pleasure to hang out with!

Also visit: The Grain Collective
And this:

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So, you say you’re a wedding photographer??

There haven’t been many weddingish photos posted lately. But I will post more in the next couple of weeks. We’re in the process of finishing up all the May weddings and I’ve been pulling my favorites. So, if you visit this blog to see wedding photos, don’t despair. If you visit it to see other photos, sorry. If you’re not sure why you visit and just do it to show love and support, I appreciate that!

I’ve been in Venice Beach since Thursday shooting for BIG RED SUN and catching up with friends. Oh, and enjoying the most splendid weather. I hear it’s 100 degrees in Austin. Yay. Cannot wait to get back.

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Do you love music?

Click here:

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