Grace Garmon

This is my niece. She’s a rockstar. She was such a trooper letting me take her photo at the lake.

But sometimes all you want to do is swim…

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The Future of America

All I said was: “Hi, I’m going to take your picture. Strike a pose.” I love the kid on the left with the necktie around his head. The girls in the back look a little angry – preteen angst, perhaps?

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Holga – Dublin, Ireland

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William Barnhill rocks the house.

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Holga – Kinsale, Ireland

Kinsale, Ireland

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Irish Wedding Adventure: Sneak Peek.

It’s taking us awhile to navigate the mountain of images from this wedding. But here’s an immediate favorite. More to come….

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What on earth happened to June??

Well, June flew by. We photographed some lovely wedding and met some really fun people. These are a handful of photos from Alli & Blake’s wedding. It was a beautiful day, even though the rain threatened to ruin our beautiful backdrop. Thanks to Alli, our brave bride, for looking that great big thundercloud in the face and refusing to go inside for photos.

That’s my girl.

So….in betweeen these two photos are dozens of really fearless dance moves by nearly every guest in attendance. Too many to post. But truly admirable.

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The 12th of July

These pictures are from the 12th of July. This is a very big protestant holiday in Ireland. I don’t want to bore you with a history lesson. But here’s the gist: protestants celebrate by building the giant bonfires all of the country there are also organized marches throughout the country. There’s a fair amount of houliganism that occurs during the evening at the bonfires. From what I understand, catholics mostly stay inside during the evening. The first time I experienced the 12th, I was in Belfast, with catholics. So, we stayed inside and I shot these photos from Conor’s apartment which had this perfect view if the city. In the top photo, you can see the fires burning in the hills just beyond the city. The bottom photo is a bonfire that was right down the street. This whole evening was so strange to me because I didn’t realize how big of a holiday it was, how big the bonfires were going to be or how many would be burning.

The second time I experienced the 12th, I was in Carnlough, Northern Ireland. This is a lovely seaside village on the east coast. I was sleeping when the protestants marched through this primarily catholic town. I was told I didn’t miss anything at all.

So, this was my third 12th of July on this island. This time I was in County Waterford, Ireland shooting a wedding and I wonder how things went down last night. Peacefully, I hope.

Here’s more info on the history of this holiday:

12th OF JULY

I’m in Cork today. It’s a lovely town. More photos to come.


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Uploading, uploading, uploading….

Yesterday was fantastic, as expected. I’m uploading the photos and hope to have favorites posted soon. But there are TONS of them so it might be a few days.

Stay tuned…

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Ireland – Day Four.

Yes, this is my fourth day in Ireland & guess what? I just got my bags. Aer Lingus lost my luggage for 3 whole days. I had to eventually buy new clothes in Dublin. Thank God for Top Shop! Aer Lingus was kind enough to give me a hospitality kit. I was pretty excited to hear this because at that point all I really wanted was a toothbrush. But I was THRILLED to find that it had much more than a toothbrush in it! Check it out:

What you are seeing, in addition to the usual toothbrush, tooth paste, cotton balls, comb, is an XXL tshirt, a pair of nude panty hose and a unisex pair of underwear.

Here’s a close up of the nude pantyhose, you know, just because it’s awesome:

The woman has a pair of gardening gloves on. I’m not sure why. But apparently this is important if you are buying nude pantyhose.

So, the my hotel gave me a hospitality kit too. It looked like this:

Much nicer. I have to say that I was really impressed by the way the bristles on the toothbrush from this kit didn’t fall apart in my mouth when I was using it. That’s what happened with the first kit. We ended up leaving Dublin for County Waterford on Friday and I was beginning to go from being annoyed to a little panicky. How was my bag going to find it’s way to a castle on an island in County Waterford? Well, finally when we returned home from the rehearsal dinner at 2AM, there it was. It magically appeared in my room and I was so happy.

There were squeals of delight – and not by just me, I tell you. I did a victory lap around the castles pumping my fists in the air, a la Rocky style and there were high fives ad hugs all around.

That’s pretty much all that’s happened so far. Well, in addition to taking lots of Holga photos, shooting the rehearsal dinner, and seeing several random celebrities in the hotel in Dublin (there’s a huge music festival going on this weekend). The people we are traveling with for the wedding are simply fantastic. This wedding today is going to be gorgeous.

I’ll post more photos on Monday. They’ll be much more interesting I promise!

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