Back in June we were flying to Playa del Carmen and experienced what can only be described as horrendous travel delays. We were stuck in DFW for eight hours and were put on 4 flights that were canceled. We were lucky though, eight hours was NOTHING on this particular day. People had been there for 24 hours and there were lines of hundreds (literally HUNDREDS) of people who were trying to change their flights, get on other flights, you get the picture. As you can imagine, this was a little thrilling for me as there were people passed out everywhere. At times I was one of them and this made me pause and take pity of my fellow travelers. They were so exhausted and frustrated. The last thing they wanted was to end up on the world wide web. SO…..I just photographed the people around me. I’m sorry, strangers sitting next to me. I only have so much restraint when it comes to people sleeping in public.

By the way, notice the chairs that their sitting in. If you find yourself in the international terminal of the DFW airport, seek out these chairs. They’re so comfortable and makes painful travel experiences much easier to deal with.

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Gina & Travis

Gina and Travis were high school sweethearts. For his wedding day gift to her, he gave her a box filled with every single note and love letter that she had ever written him. I believe they’ve been together for eight years. That’s a LOT of love letters!

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The many faces of Gina D’Amore

I have but two words to describe Gina, my July 4th bride: Happy and Hilarious. She pulled so many faces while getting dressed that it had me in stitches.

Remember ladies, beauty is pain….

Most brides have dreamy looks on their faces when they put their dresses on (or some version of that). But not our Gina!

I’m posting her wedding later on today. It’s a beauty!

Have a good one – it’s Hump Day y’all,

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Holga – Laura & Eagle

I captured a couple of rainy portraits with the Holga as well.

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Rain Rain Go Away.

That’s what we were thinking when Laura and Eagle’s outdoor wedding was moved inside. Now, we’d get anything to have that rain again as Austin is in the middle of a pretty serious drought.

Dirty, dirty dancing feet:

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Holga photo featured on Kickpleat’s website

Kickpleat is an uber-stylish women’s clothing boutique in Austin, TX.
If you’re looking for a perfect clothing item that you will not see anyone else wearing, go to Kickpleat. The owner carefully hand selects every item in the store. She also makes sure that no other boutiques in town carry the clothing lines she carries. The clothes are gorgeous too!

They’ve chosen one of my Holga photos for their homepage this month!

Check it out:

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Dancing Wedding entrance

I saw this on Cup of Jo today and I had to share it with you. It’s a fantastic way to walk down the aisle. In fact, if I ever walk down the aisle (God willing, says my mother), this is probably how I would do it!


P.S. Sorry I haven’t been blogging lately. But I’m coming to the end of high season and will have more time now.

Yes, I’ve missed you too.

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Breaking news at AGP!!

Summer specials are now currently being offered on Kids Portraits over at Ashley Garmon Photographers!!

We will have reduced rates through August 31st. For details and to make an appointment, call the office at 512-458-3358 or shoot us an email:


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The bride’s little sister served as maid of honor in this wedding. This particular maid of honor had just turned 18 and graduated from high school all in the same week! Look how moved she is by watching her sister say her vows.

I love moments like these.


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Le Tour Photo Exhibit

If you’re in Austin, this is a MUST SEE!!!

Brent Humphreys Le Tour Launch July 9th

Le Tour is an ambient photo study of the Tour de France by photographer Brent Humphreys. The images that Brent has captured over the years are a testament to what a colorful and unique event the Tour de France really is, seldom seen through the coverage received on domestic TV and media sources. Brent started this project in 2004 and has returned every summer since as part of an ongoing book project.

Brent Humphreys is an award winning photographer based in Austin, Texas. His photographic career has taken him around the world and his editorial work can be seen regularly on the pages The New York Times, Texas Monthly and Wired.

Please join photographer Brent Humphreys on the evening of July 9th at Mellow Johnny’s for the launch of his Le Tour project benefitting LIVESTRONG. The show will consist of 15 large scale first edition prints, limited edition posters, and a booklet as a show accompaniment. Behind the scenes video and vintage tour footage set to French music will compliment the photography. Wine and hors d’oeuvres will be provided by Royal Blue Grocery. The work will be on display through July 31st.

Show Details
Location: Mellow Johnny’s Bike Shop
Opening: July 9th 6-10pm
Duration: July 9th-31st 2009
Sample Brent’s Work Here

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