We are excited to be a part of the recently published book: Stylish Weddings for Less.  If you’re getting married soon, this is a great resource for you!

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Holga – Happy Holidays

Wishing you all peace and happiness this holiday season. 


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Nicole & Evan – Post 3



I’d like to thank Kim Maguire and Sarah Bork Hamilton for traveling to Houston and shooting this extravaganza with me.  The event design, flowers and coordinaton were by Todd Events of Dallas, Texas.  Todd and his team were amazing to work with!  Nicole’s dress was by Reem Acra.  Both the ceremony and reception were held at The Corinthian in Houston, Texas.
 I’m off for the holidays – Merry Christmas to all!
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Nicole & Evan – Post 2

In case you were wondering, yes that’s Earth Wind and Fire!
This isn’t the last of this wedding.  There’s actually more!!  That post coming soon….
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Give it up for Jackson Olufs and his many holiday faces.
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Nicole & Evan – Post 1

You might remember Nicole and Evan from their engagement session a few months back.  Well their wedding celebration was nothing short of spectacular.  Seriously.  Spectacular.  There will be several posts from this wedding because it was an extravaganza that spanned the better part of two days!  So here’s the first post…enjoy!



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Remembering Andrea

I have been trying to write this blog post all week.  But I’m finding it difficult to put into words what an amazing woman Andrea Burden was.  It’s incredible to learn of all the people whose lives she touched.  She was a beautiful woman, mother, artist and an inspiration to many.  In fact, if you spent anytime with her you would mostly likely walk away with some form of inspiration whether you knew it at that moment or not.    Andrea passed away suddenly over the weekend of bacterial menengitis.  In addition to her family experiencing immeasurable amounts of grief, they are now burdened with a mountain of hospital bills.  Unfortunately, like many artists, she didn’t have health or life insurance.

Please take time to read more about Andrea and see her work here: Austin Metblogs

If you feel that you can, please donate to the Andrea Burden Benefit Memorial Fund

 After hearing of this tragedy, a friend of mine mentioned that she would make more of an effort to “live by loving.”  Perhaps Andrea is inspiring this friend of mine even in her death.  This wouldn’t surprise me at all.

This email is not nearly as eloquent as I would like it to be.  For that, I apologize.  If you knew Andrea or knew of her (as many did), I ask that you take time to leave a comment here about her.

Please send love, thoughts and prayers to Noe, Bella, Indira, and the rest of her family.  It’s hard to imagine what they are going through right now.

Again, please donate to the fund if you can.

Live by loving,

*Photo is from Portral and Friends

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Jennifer and Rick, portraits and ceremony

Jennifer and Rick were married on the most perfect of Autumn days.  There were butterflies flyig around during the ceremony as well!  One landed on Jennifer’s dress and stayed there through the duration of the ceremony.  It’s said that if a butterfly lands on you it’s good luck.  What great luck indeed!
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Dixie and George’s wedding was published in The Knot Real Weddings – Texas!  Yee haw!

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(because there is always joy)


When it is sometimes hard to smile throughout the day, or just to deal at all, I am reminded of moments like these.  There is always joy to be found somewhere.  Even if it is in the smallest fleeting moment, it’s there.  If I remember this, it’s easier to get through times that can be tedious. 

Yes, this is a baby – a glorious baby with an infectious smile.  One that hardly even needs to be worked for.  There was no jumping around or silliness to be had behind the camera.  We are sharing the most hilarious joke between the two of us.  I smile every time I see these photos.

So go on and find yourself some smiles.  If you can’t, then well, try a little harder.  They’re out there.  If it’s completely useless, then keep looking at the smiling baby before you.  Especially the last one.  Doesn’t it look like I just told her the most hilarious knock knock joke?


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