Holga – Taj Mahal

During my trip to India last November, we visited the Taj Mahal on a drizzly, kind of chilly day.  It was a fairly miserable six hour bus ride to get to Agra from New Delhi.  Needless to say, we weren’t in the best of spirits.  However, it was beautiful regardless.  It IS the Taj Mahal after all.  Did you know that The Taj Mahal was built by the Mughal emperor, Shah Jahan for his wife, Mumtaz Mahal, after she died while giving birth to their fourteenth child?



Moving on…she dies, and he’s so grief stricken that he orders the court into mourning for two years.   Some time later (around 1632) he began erecting the Taj in memory of his beloved.  It took 22 years and over 22,000 workers to complete it.  There is also a myth that upon completion, Shah Jahan had the hands of his architects and sculptors cut off so the could never create anything as beautiful as the Taj Mahal.  By the way, up until this very moment, I took this gruesome piece of information as fact until I started researching the Taj.  Of course it’s a myth!

The Taj Mahal is a mausoleum and both the Shah Jahan and his third wife’s tombs are inside.  It is one of the seven wonders of the world.  I recommend seeing it at the beginning of a trip to India, so it will properly knock your socks off.  Here’s some photos I took on this particularly murky day in India:

PS – The emperor also had two other wives.  Ugh, talk about playing second fiddle.  I would have hated to be those ladies!

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Holga – Himalayas

I thought it only appropriate to post photos of snowy mountains today.

Merry Christmas!!


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Old Delhi – street portraits

One of the things I was excited about doing when I went to India was street shooting.  I was admittedly trepidatious about doing so on my own.  I spoke to a photographer friend of mine, Penny de los Santos and of course she had a fixer for me.  Fixers are an essential for photographers traveling around the world who need access to certain areas.  Penny is such a photographer.  With clients like National Geographic and Saveur Magazine, she is used to setting up fixers in different countries and navigating her way through each assignment that she is given.  I am not such a photographer (although I remain constantly envious) so I was delighted and relieved when Penny introduced me to Vineet Modi.  Vineet guided me all around the streets of old Delhi.  He’s also a photographer, so he was patient with me and very encouraging of me to interact with the people I met on the street.  For some reason, I ended up doing a lot of quick portraits.  This is pretty unusual because I am so used to shooting on the fly and capturing moments.  While I have many photos of life happening on the streets of Old Delhi, here is a sampling of my favorite portraits:

OMG, Guns N’ Roses sweater vest!!

Thank you again, Vineet for such a fun day!

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Hello, it’s me. Sorry it’s been so long!

There were hundreds of moments throughout my visit to India that led up to this one.  But it happens to be one of my favorite captured.  This was after the final blessing of the last ceremony of the wedding.  The bride, Natasha,  is receiving what are obviously loving words from her now mother-in-law.

People keep asking me: “How was India?”  My response is usually “India was great” or “India was amazing…a lot of fun.”  Of course it was all so much more than that, so this response is trite and incomplete.  What I should say is: “Do you have a hour?  I’d love to tell you how India was.”  But who has an hour anymore?  We all move so quickly through life and are constantly distracted by our modern technological wonders and social media needs.  I am no exception, of course.  As I write this, lap top on my lap, TV on and iPhone alerting me to Facebook notifications, I am well aware that I am as deep in the rabbit hole as the rest of you.  However, India gave me pause.  I believe I checked my email three times in 17 days (thank you Amber, the best studio manager in the world, for returning work emails).  I rarely logged on to Facebook and even more rarely looked at a television.  What I did do was actually talk to my friends, make new friends, participate in prayer services for loved ones passed, learn a lot about different religions, cultures, ate new foods, read a book (a real live book), celebrated love, learned to practice patience and generally just paid more attention to life.  Oh yeah, I also took a TON of photos.  Before I actually start to wax poetically about India, I’ll stop.  I just wanted to check-in, say hello and let you know that there are tons and tons of photos coming your way.

I hope you are all happy, well and enjoying the holiday season.


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